Jim DeHaven is an emerging new author of 18 new books (and counting).
14 Have been Self-Published thus far.
 He has also penned various professional articles, poems, and short stories, including children's books.
His work has been published both locally and internationally (at his profession).
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have been interesting in writing since my college days when I was encouraged by my English professor to do so.
As with most everyone fate took over, bills needed paid, and life ran its course. And of course, the writing stopped.

     Since those days, I have written occasional articles on faith and inspiration, some of which have been published in the local newspaper. I have also written numerous professional articles related to the insurance business some of which were published internationally. It turned out to have been my career for the last 35 years. But due to a disability, I now am at home and this old / new interest is my life saver.

     With the encouragement of family and friends I started writing down the stories that were floating in my mind for years. The results since can be found on this website.

     My Wife has been my counselor, my editor, as well as my strongest supporter. She has put up with the many questions and desires to relay an idea or passage before it is on paper.

     Family have been the first proof readers and have suggested improvements in plot or characters. My son has especially been helpful for his technical assistance.

     Friends have read, suggested, and even provided technical assistance both in hardware and software, which has been invaluable.

     I have been lucky enough to have made a connection with a Professor at a local University a few years back, which has led to some new covers and some very beautifully illustrated children's editions of some of my books. It has been a wonderful experience to meet and work with such talented students. I am sure you and your children will enjoy their illustrations."

    Over several years now, I have been invited to speak at the Erie County Library's Main Campus as well as their branch in Fairview - the Lincoln Community Center- on numerous occasions. Recently I have also held workshops at the Edinboro, Millcreek Mall and Iroquois branches. These workshops are centered on basic "Writing & Self-Publishing" techniques. These workshops have led to several attendees  publishing their books as well.

                                                                                         Thanks to you All!

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