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"If you like any of my books and are a member of Amazon or other source -
please post a rating AND review of the book on that site. Your effort will be greatly appreciated!"


  SOUL SURVIVOR    (Supplemental Workbook)

"I really, really, really, like this book. Please write a sequel". - Denise F.

"This is such an interesting story. It is moving, inspirational, and draws you in all the way to the end
with great characters and an interesting twist  the character does regarding the title/book."   -- Nancy D.

"Keep writing your positive life lesson message. The new generation needs more role models like you to share their ideals."
- Roger L.

"Your book was so up-lifting and inspirational. The way you weaved your story around moral truths was magical."
- Dr. Bill M.


"This is a very moving story for this first time author. It reads so well, you end up wishing they would make it a movie.
The characters are well developed and the plot moves you through the story in an easy way.
You can't wait to get to the next chapter to see what will happen next.
Car lovers, romantics, and those who just like a quick easy read will really enjoy this book.
" It's like sitting in your favorite chair with a bowl of ice cream. You WILL enjoy."
To see more from this new author: GOOGLE his name. - -NKD

"This is your best work ever. Keep up the good work."  - M&D

"There is a nice flow to your sentences, and your dialogue has good rythm."  - Bill K. author

"You should be a writer."  Mr. F. - College professor.

Author's Book Review of "Ghost Coach"

Danielle's Christmas Wish 

"This is the author's first book. It is a very moving tale about a young orphan girl and her Christmas Wish
that brings a special couple and a young girl together in a way that affects the whole town.
The descriptions of the town and its characters seem painted onto the pages so as to give the reader
 his or her own  personal images of this special place. Well done for a first book."   - Nancy K.

The 7 Gifts of Paradise 
Non Fiction

"An excellent resource for realigning one's view of life. 
Especially valuable as a type of literary GPS for those feeling lost with
life issues, health problems, or setbacks in family or personal life."
  -- W. J. Kowalski PHD, Clinical Psychologist.

"Well written and researched. A very positive approach to explaining life and God & Nature.
It is well researched and very biblically based with plenty of references to guide the reader to
understanding where the in the Bible the information is grounded. Simple yet profound gifts,
left over from Eden are explained and  will be an inspiriation to any reader.
A must read for the sick, lonely,
and downtrodden. It WILL lift your sprits. A parellel offering of
Native American sayings are also provided which are equally uplifiting and provide another culture based
proof of the belief of a greater spirit that lives in all of us and in everything." - NKD

"Your book is a treasure of inspiration, and tribute to God. -- Thank you, Joan Zieg


Taragon - Stardate 2050 

The author's first foray into the Science Fiction genre. 
But by no means lacking in adventure, or romance as they are cleverly interwoven into the story.
A special treat is the author's abundant use of current scientific principles,
theories, and hyphothesis based on the latest information.
  A real treat for both sides of your brain.
This is definitely another book that needs to be made into a movie. - NKD

How does GOD communicate to us? 

bible study resource book based on a Sunday School lesson featuring 10 ways that
GOD has communicated to people since the beginning.
Each chapter provides a brief review of each method, followed by bible passages
containing the methods for both the new and old testament.
It is a wonderfully simple revelation and guide of how GOD
has - and continues to speak to us to this day.

"Thank you so much for your book entitled
"How Does God Communicate to Us?"  A beautiful resource for our libraries."
  +Bishop Gregory

"God give us many gifts, it is up to us to use them.
Surely you are one of  his disciples.
You used your time and talent to exalt the only one deserving of our praise!
Thank you for the uplifting messages!" --  Mrs. Mary Switzer


 at the Lincoln Community Center of the Erie County Public Library - March 2014

"Jim did an excellent job with his presentation...Jim is a very authentic person." - Denise F.

"We both enjoyed it. Really! J said that she went there having no interest in or with writing or publishing
BUT found your talk VERY interesting!
I think you did a superb job and you presented very well." - Dr. Bill K.

"I'm so glad I came last night!
For a girl not interested in self publishing and a total computer Illiterate
I found the subject matter very interesting and I think your speaking style is terrific Jim!
Not too wordy or over- the -head but very clear that you know your stuff. Great job!" - Janice F. 

at The Erie County Public Library Main Location November 2015

"What an excellent presentation you did for the library today!
It was wonderful: helpful, informative, and exactly what the attendees expected..."
  - J. Duke


Erie Times News Article November 2016