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Joshua awoke in a hotel room unaware of who he was or where he was. Michael, a stranger, came to help him recall recent events and restore his memory.
The other information revealed to Joshua would have a profound effect on his life. What will Joshua do with the information received? What would you do?


I tried to concentrate on the most common question at the moment which was Where am I? And of course the logical next question which was How did I get here? So far I figured that I was in a hotel, but which one and what city still remained a mystery to me. No answers were immediately forthcoming. I closed my eyes again leaning my head back on the chairs top cushion to cradle my neck and support my head and tried to recall the last thing I remembered. It seemed difficult to do for some reason, like it almost hurt. Finally out of the depths of my sub consciousness I had a flash memory of being on a plane.


Jeremy daydreamed while making his delivery for Lakeshore Lumber. What happened next would not only be mysterious, but would eventually affect his future and the future of his hometown and everyone who came to know him. The truck took on a “life” of its’ own, or at least was affected by someone who seemed to always be close by in the shadows. Who was “Lizzy?” wondered Jeremy, as he read the mysterious letter he had just found in the glove box of the old truck.


 "The heavy coating of dirt and dust from years of storage seem to have faded it so much that he could not be sure of the color. Especially in this darkened relic of a makeshift garage. Yet, he could still barely make out the flames and skulls that seemed to float rearwards from the sunken headlight in the fender. It sat on blocks but still seemed built low to the ground. Chrome wheels and tires hung from pegs on the wall nearby. He could also see the louvered and shaved hood. From the stacked chrome grill he confirmed what it was. And he knew right away, that at one time this truck was someone’s prized baby."


Danielle’s wish was not so extraordinary. That her wish would be finally granted is what made this year a very special Christmas. Lives would unfold and grow as leaves on a tree in the springtime. A child’s wish would be granted, love would be found, and a town would become even better due to the lives that were lived in it. Your town could be the same. Your wish could be granted. Your love could endure and benefit those all around you. Enter the town of Woodcreek and enjoy its beauty.


"Danielle would watch through her window and wait for the extra big snowflakes to land on her windowpane. She leaned in and studied them as they slowly melted, but not before she could make out the intricate pattern of lace in each one. She wondered how God could make them so special and then just let them melt into a drip of water which slowly slid down the pane of glass to join the others already turned into a pool of water at the base of the window."


Nancy and her brother wondered why Christopher had not been at school for sometime.
When they later find out that he is sick, Nancy decides to try prayer through a Snow Angel she makes with her brother, as suggested by her Mother.
Nancy’s father does some amazing things with their Snow Angels and eventually their whole class is caught up in the power of the Snow Angel.


"As the door closed behind them they stopped for a moment and just stood there saying nothing. They could see their breath and could just barely hear a chirp of a bird and the distant barking of a dog. The stilled hushness was amazing. The snowflakes were still coming down and sticking to their clothing and eye lashes. Michael was trying to catch them with his tongue.
“They don’t taste like anything,” he said.
“Shhhhhh,” replied Nancy, placing the snow covered finger of one of her gloves to her lips. She still wanted to soak in the quietness before they started to walk with crunching steps in the snow."

A Story of the first Christmas

Joshua was just as amazed as the rest of the town while they witnessed the miracle of the bright star glowing in the night sky. He knew he had to follow it to see what lay beneath. But he had obligations to his family. And although everyone wanted to see what this miracle was about, not all could go.

Joshua had a plan. He talked his father into helping the local Merchant Kaleeb, so that he could make the journey. Jeremy would discover the miracle of the star, bring honor to his family, and give one of the best gifts of all to the Christ child.


"But what would he play, thought Joshua? As the days unfolded into the next and some began to make their plans for the journey to Bethlehem, Joshua would go far into the fields away from the sheep when he found the time. He would begin to practice and beat his drum. His friends wondered where he was and why he wasn’t joining them in their stone kicking game any longer. But Joshua was determined to teach himself a song that would be worthy of the new baby."


Jeremy and his sister have been told their mother will soon be leaving them to live with Jesus in heaven. Poor as they are, Jeremy and his sister decide to buy their moher a present for her last Christmas with them.
Not having enough money when he reaches the counter with his gift, he is helped by a stranger.
Could you be the stranger that helped Jeremy?


"He picked them up right away, not even noticing what the price tag said. He rushed up to the check out counter and waited in line as patiently as he could.
When it was finally his turn, he placed the slippers on the counter and started to empty his pockets of all the change both he and his sister were able to find. He reached down deep to make sure he had every coin he could find out of his pockets and placed them all onto the counter."


A spiritual guide to u
nderstanding the miracle of life, the world, why we are here. Discover the path to inner happiness. If you do not believe there is a God, you will after reading this book. For those who doubt, for those who hurt, for those who are alone, for those who are sick or suffering, you will be uplifted by its positive inspiration.


" The Blue Marble that floats in the black universe spins at the perfect speed, has just enough gravitational relationship to its neighbors, and just happes to exist far enough from the Sun so as to not cook us or freeze us. Ask anyone who doubts, to duplicate this feat down to the weight, spin, and placing of this planet in the inftinite universe."

" It has been said that the secret of life can be found in a blade of grass. For those who don’t understand that wisdom, I would challenge you to get up and go outside and pluck a single blade of grass at random. Bring it inside and place it by you as you read this book. If you have the ability, place the blade of grass under the most powerful microscope you can find and take a long hard look. If you do not have a microscope at hand, search the internet for micro or nano size pictures of grass, a human hair, or any atom, or neutron of any substance. Study the complex nature of the items make up."

Star Date 2050

This is the author's first foray into Science fiction. Although a favorite reading topic in his youth its content only recently came to fruition.

The mission, or as it was explained to Gavin would provide valuable new resources for the energy that Earth so desperately needed once the rich nations finally understood the need to share the basic necessities of life and the knowledge to sustain them with the third world countries. WIth this training and needed supplies came the same demands for power to generate the goods and services now needed by an ever growing world population that commanded the planets resources and attention.

"Gavin Blake was not sure what he saw outside the spacecraft window when he first opened the protective shield after he awoke from his hibernation after a five year "nap." What was supposed to be Earth, had no reference in his mind as to what he was now viewing through the ships porthole."


This is a Bible reference book created from a Sunday school lesson taught in my local church. It was a great lesson and one that should prove meaningful to all. Each chapter has a 1-2 page summary of what the communication is which is ( such as Spoken, Dreams, Angels, Prophets, Bible, Spirit, etc.)
followed by Bible verses supporting each type of communication.


The Android Robot
* Co-authored with son Douglas

The results of this genius doctors experiment is a robot that is finally able to "think" for itself. In Dr. James attempt to create a helpmate in the laboratory he creates something unique. So unique the line between creater teacher and robot student becomes blurred. Who is the real Dr. James will be the question people will begin to ask themselves.


"Every verbal command was met with no resistance. Each part functioned as designed and even though there was no communication back from the unit either from the computers or by any verbal sound, time in the laboratory passed quickly with the instructions and teaching as best as the doctor could provide.
Then one evening when working late in the shop the unit looks right at him and asks, “What am I?” Shocked, he stopped what he was doing and looked up slowly at the unit and before answering he held his thought for a moment and then replied, “You are my friend
. "


Peter didn’t really know what he would find when he stumbled upon the opening in the old foundation he found. But the mysterious box held old treasures that he couldn’t wait to learn about.   Walk with Peter as he begins his journey of discovery and adventure. What secrets did the old box contain?  How would it affect Peter and his family? 


"Peter aimed the light from his father’s heavy chrome flashlight into the black opening. Inside he could see a box which had tumbled to the dirt floor amongst the remnants of an old wooden table it must had once sat upon. He began to struggle and pull himself into the opening. His feelings of fright could not overcome his curiosity at what he would find inside that box. Finally, he was inside. Carefully and slowly, he lifted the box and set it level on the dirt floor. There was no lock on it, so he gingerly began to lfit its lid and then heard  its creaks from the old wood and rusted hinges."


This book is based upon the author's encounter with a blind man whom he met at an airport one day. Some of the details of this very unique man's life became the basis of this book.

Walter was a dishwasher at Giletti’s Fine Italian restaurant. He was not blind all his life yet despite his so called "handicap" he has found worth and joy in his job everyday. The kids working at the same restaurant for the summer break come to understand life’s lessons and at the same time unknowingly gain solid work and life ethics from Walter. Even with their mocking, they will learn valuable lessons of life, love, and work, just from observing Walter, that will last them throughout their whole lives. 

"Sometimes when they were by themselves the young employees would comment why he worked so hard and did such a good job. “He only makes minimum wage” they would say. ”Why does he have to be such a perfectionist?” But in their faces, as the summer wore on, you could eventually see the respect they began to have for him, even if they would not admit it to him directly."